CoDEN: A Hardware/Software CoDesign Emulation Platform for SSD-Accelerated Near Data Processing

Published in IEEE Non-Volatile Memory Systems and Applications Symposium (NVMSA), 2015

For the past few decades, solid state disks (SSDs) significantly revamped their internal system architecture by employing more compute resources, multiple data channels, and tens or hundreds of non-volatile memory (NVM) packages. These ample internal resources in turn enable modern SSDs to accelerate near data processing. While the prior simulation-based work uncovered potential benefits of offloading the computation from a host to the SSDs, their analytical models make several assumptions that ignore not only detailed system parameters ranging from different micro-architectures through varying number of cores to deep memory hierarchy, but also a wide spectrum of device parameters such as emerging NVM technologies in SSDs. In this work, we propose a novel hardware/software co-design emulation platform, which not only offers flexible/scalable design space that can employ a broad range of SSD controller and firmware policies, but also capture the details of entire software/hardware stacks for SSD-accelerated near data processing. Our comprehensive evaluation results show that the near-data processing bandwidth of twenty different kernel functions we implemented can be as high as 2 GB/sec.

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Recommended citation: Zhang, Jie, Damian Szmulewicz, Erick Macias, and Myoungsoo Jung. “CoDEN: A Hardware/Software CoDesign Emulation Platform for SSD-Accelerated Near Data Processing.” In ASBD. 2015.