Bridging the New Memory Technologies with Computer Systems


Nowadays, the memory and storage systems have experienced significant technology shifts. Such technology promotions have motivated researchers to re-think and re-design the existing system organization and hardware architecture. This talk mainly shares our research experience of building up the connection between the existing computer hardware/software and the new memory/storage technologies, including the emerging non-volatile memory and the new types of NAND flash media. For example, the emerging Z-NAND flash exhibits a high memory density, retains a long lifetime and reduces the flash access latency from hundreds of microseconds to only a few microseconds, which becomes a promising candidate to replace the traditional DRAM. I will firstly introduce the research with the system-level characterization of the Z-NAND flash. I will explain our research efforts to make the existing server storage stack (from kernel to firmware) adaptive to the new flash technology. In addition, I will further shows how the new flash technology can change the current computer architecture to satisfy various demands.